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Our Story

Trans-Global Marketplace is the commodity trading arm of Mid Atlantic Logistics Unlimited, Inc.(MALU).  In 2011, MALU was incorporated in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  In 2014, Trans-Global Marketplace became a subsidiary of MALU.  


Mid Atlantic Logistics Unlimited, Inc. started out as an over-the-road freight logistics brokerage company with a global vision.  That vision became a reality when our clients' needs changed.  The experience we gained as a transportation brokerage company was utilized to develop the commodity trading house.  We slowly morphed into a physical trading house when our clients requested help to source commodities like gold, copper, fertilizers, sugar and oil. In sourcing for our clients we quickly recognized  African commodity traders were virtually absent from the global market.  They were significantly overlooked due to funding and trust. We recognized the vacuum and decided to use it as an opportunity to build our brand.  We built a bridge to connect the global markets to the African Marketplace for our clients.  MALU’s officers began to build a system that created access.  They implemented tools used to help solve some of the issues that caused the vacuum. The first tool was to serve as a conduit for the African traders entering the Global Markets. The second was to adopt the global standard of doing business, the third was to address the funding problems by implementing another business model.  To establish this business model a financial service was created to give our clients a better understanding of the banking instruments that lend them access to the global marketplace and the fourth was to integrate our international experience with local insights for the purpose of building transparency.  We established a business environment that is accessible, reliable and transparent. Our reach extends to the 5 regions of the continent.  We recruit agents with diverse backgrounds.  Their experience with manufacturers, refineries and miners strengthened our operation and presence in the continent.  It was because of their knowledge we were able to open Trans-Global Marketplace International, Ltd, with headquarters in Ghana, West Africa. Our agents come with strong negotiation skills that empower them to negotiate the best price for any budget.  MALU is known to create a professional system that is free from fraud, corruption, and bribery.

We are a female minority-owned company with a presence over 4 continents.  Our agents speak over 50 languages.  It is with their knowledge we are able to implement our business model.  The advantage of this business model is evident in our client's direct access to real products through Trans-Global Marketplace. 


TGM Motto:  We build relationships today that will last beyond tomorrow.

Meet the Team

The team is a highly dedicated team with several years of experience in various fields of operation.

Our Clients

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