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Product Summary

Trans-Global Marketplace's core products and services are oil and gas, gold Dore bars, precious metals, agricultural goods, and financial services.


TGM has a contract with a US Federal licensed Refinery that is part of the nonferrous metal production and processing industry. Their core value is founded on the principles and traditions of quality, precision, and determination to create a global footprint in the precious metal industry.  Becoming a supplier for the refinery has enabled us to work at a higher standard to meet the needs of our global clients.  


TGM sister’s company Trans-Global Marketplace International, Ltd, allows us to establish joint venture agreements, and build partnerships with gold miners, farmers, major suppliers and oil refineries globally to establish strategic processes that allow us to expedite transaction closings.


Our capacity extends over 4 continents. TGM agents work closely with manufacturers, refineries, and trading platforms to allow our buyers to meet their fulfilment needs and “on-time” delivery.


Our global network of licensed traders, financial analysts, asset management professionals and bankers make up our catalogue for varieties of financial tools.  We create opportunities to grow wealth by using modern banking tools.  We design and customize wealth programs based on our client’s goals.  The result of our network is evident in our increased sales in 2023.  The financial tools we offer are server-to-server transactions, KTT, leases and purchases of bank instruments, monetization, forex, currencies transportation, a variety of trading platforms and buy and sell investments.  Our paymaster service is available to effectively pay out dividends.  


TGM’s agents come with strong negotiation and technical skills that enable them to negotiate the best price for any product and for any budget.


We are known to build “business-to-business trust” by being transparent and diligent in delivering our clients’ best outcomes.


Our motto: We build relationships today to last beyond tomorrow.

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